Precast concrete technology was introduced in Turkey in the early 1960's. In the early days of the industry, factory-made precast concrete components were used in single-storey industrial buildings. Today, Turkish Precast Concrete industry is capable of producing structural elements for a wide spectrum of building types (such as housing. office buildings. schools, hospitals, dormitories, commercial and industrial buildings), bridge systems or bridge members, architectural components, elements for infrastructure and street furniture.

To promote the use of precast concrete in the country and to represent the industry, Turkish Precast Concrete Association was founded in 1984. To realize these objectives the Association cooperates with public and private agencies for issues related with the industry, organizes trainig seminars for the personel of member firms, develops standarts and specifications for the industry, provides financial/tecnical support for 

research projects, organizes symposia, conferences and workshops, donates scholarchips, gives awards and publishes books, relevant techical material and a periodical, and carries out promotionary activities for the industry.

To pursue its aims at the international level, the Association co-operates with other national associations and with International Bureau for Precast Concrete-BIBM.
Today, Turkish Precast Concrete industry offers its services based on 45 years of experience both at home and abroad. These firms most of whom are members of the Association operate 103 production facilities and have an annual production capacity of 2,5 millon M3. "Quality", is assured by the Independent Quality Control and Assurance System, in complience with Association's membership requirement and it is the governing principle of production of the industry.



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